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Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1918 to provide products to the brewing market.  In 1924, Aage Gusmer incorporated our company as the exclusive distributor of a tank coating for the North and South American brewing industry. Today, Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. is one of the leading beverage filtration manufacturers & suppliers of processing aids and equipment to the entire beverage industry, focusing on the beer, wine, juice and distilled spirits segments. Gusmer continues to manufacture and exclusively represent many world-wide suppliers of superior products for fermentation applications.

Gusmer also has developed a dominant leadership position as the number one beverage filtration manufacturer and distributor of filtration products (depth filter material, fiber, sheets, stacks, cross flow) and specialty products such as absorbent products and other custom materials. These products are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Gusmer’s manufacturing plants have achieved ISO 9001 status and GMP certification.

#1 beverage filtration manufacturer
& distributor

Integrity and Respect in our Commitment, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Celebration is the cornerstone of our company. Gusmer’s Service with Knowledge® is our hallmark, providing stellar service with a consultative sales approach and in-house technical expertise. People want to work with Gusmer because we care about them and what we do. Gusmer is well-known for our quality, responsiveness, dependability and flexibility in addressing business needs. Gusmer’s offices/warehouses are strategically located throughout the USA, and our domestic and international distributors further enhance our accessibility to our customers.

Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. continues to be privately held and actively managed by the Gusmer family. Gusmer is proud of the long-term collaborative partnerships that we continue to grow and develop with all employees, customers, and suppliers. Continuous improvement and innovation are the heart of Gusmer as we seek to be the “Go To Provider” of goods and services that make the products we ultimately use as consumers the best that they can be.

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